Vineyards Reisten

The winery owns nearly 30 hectares of special vineyards in three wine villages: Pavlov, Mikulov and Sedlec. Our wines are regularly compared to the best wines in the world.


Vinohrad Reisten

Pálava region differs from other locations in Moravia with its content of free limestone in the soil. Relatively low cover of bedrock forces the grapevine the set its root system on the rock, where it is rinsed with heavily mineralized water during the rainfall, which is running down from the bare rocks. These conditions assure the specific character of Palava microregion.

The great care is given to green work and the „green harvest“ is applied to reduce the crop, which means careful work with vineyards, the reduction of amount of grapes on the bush and their gathering.



Nad NesytemVineyard Nad Nesytem

It is situated on the top of south-eastern slope above the pond Nesyt, which reflects the magic chateau and colonnade on the top of the hill Reistenberg (Rajstna). The name of the winery was derived from this hill. The vineyard has a mild alkaline soil reaction and the main variety is represented by Sauvignon Blanc, which regularly reaches the attribute of late harvest. 



U božích muk - vinohradVineyard U Božích Muk

The vineyard U Božích Muk in Pavlov is totally unique. The very thin soil cover on the rock forces the grapevine to get into the depth of rock crevasse and to gain what is the most valuable in the white wines- salty minerality. Together with a dry climate it creates the remarkable terroir character. The main variety is Pinot Blanc. 



Valtická - vinohradVineyard Valtická

The vineyard Valtická is situated on the foothill of Svatý kopeček, which dominates above the town Mikulov. It is one of the largest vineyard of Reisten winery and you can find here almost all varieties from winery – Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Saint Laurent. The south slope and alkaline soil reaction creates a mineral and rich wines with high extract.



Viniční trať pod pPálavouVineyard Pod Pálavou

The vineyard Pod Pálavou is planted with Welsch Riesling and its roots are rinsed with highly mineralized water, pouring down from the rocks of Girls Castle –Maidenburg, which towers above both vineyards of Pavlov.