Reisten Winery

Many years of experience have taught us how to work only with varieties, which enable to use the specific character of present vineyards the best and transfer it into the wine. The greatest care in the whole vegetation circle of grapevine, from January till the autumn harvest, is taken for granted.

About us

Vinařství Reisten

REISTEIN Winery is a producer of predominantly white wines of fine quality intended not only for haute cuisine or wine shops but also for all those who really want to enjoy wine. This influenced not only the choice of vineyard, selection of wine varieties, way of growing and harvesting, and last but not least, also the grape processing and of course the whole production.

Own vineyards were planted and the winery has become independent on other suppliers of grapes, which enables to produce better and better wines. In 2001 the wine growers started to plant and the first wines, made from only their own grapes, appeared in 2005.




Vinný sklep Reisten

The unique atmosphere of Pálava region, which combines work and steps of our ancestors with heat and ease of the sun reflecting on the white rocks and coincidently going down to the grapevine, creates and individual, almost Mediterranean character of the wine.

We want our wines to come from vineyards, which are saturated with the essence of thyme, wild marjoram and summer cypress combine passion as well as soft stroke of sunrays, deep minerality and spicery of vineyards and bring mainly pleasure with each gulp. We find our winery to be a part of national culture and we support that with our wines.

We present ourselves with best quality wines and always offer their balanced collection. Mutual confidence and communication with 
a customer is for us obligatory. The meaning of our work is to present first-class wines not only on the tables of top-class restaurants, 

on the counter in wine shops, to attract private or company clients but also to bring these specific wines to the common consumer.

The Pálava region provides with an unique genius loci and it is very enriching as well as responsible to be a wine grower in this area. The careful handling with vineyards, respect and considerate attitude to the nature is a part of philosophy of Reisten winery. Therefore we try to minimize the usage of chemical safety products in cellar management as well as while working in the vineyards. We try to orientate on the usage of modern ecological preparations and to create balanced ecosystem.


Our team

The base of success is in the good and enthusiastic team. The work in winery is hard and time-consuming. Without love there cannot be reached good results. The team of Reisten winery meets these requirements doubtlessly. Although each member of the team has its own responsibility with regard to the final result, our wines are our common work and the role of individuals is irreplaceable.


Václav ŠmachVáclav Šmach

Business manager of our winery knows how to present wine in its total beauty, because it became an inseparable part of his soul. An extrovert specialist, wine grower and a little bit bohemian co-creates the character and quality of our wines considering the modern trends of their perception and consumption.

His most important work is the active trade and contact with costumers. Controlled tasting and presenting of winery at clients or in wine cellars is a direct part of fixing philosophy of winery Reisten. 

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Zdeněk MusilZdeněk Musil

A young, promising and at the same time experienced butler, who strengthened our team. Five years in USA and a butler in Kolby winery. These are references which do not need any comment.

The main function in Reisten is totally clear. To continue the philosophical nature of our wines. Simply said, Zdeněk makes wine you were used to for many years. Mineral, earthy with wonderful features of Pálava terroir.

GSM: +420 725 928 715


Petra Vymyslická

A new member, her post is business referent in winery. She is the main person who is in charge of orders and wine transport.
If you come to our winery you will meet her on 99%.

GSM: +420 724 793 429


Jiří Hanus is the main person in the vineyards and organizes everything, what concerns them. Marie Hanusová is mainly in charge
of adjustment, Vašek Heger is responsible for stores and distribution. Martin Topolanský, the oldest employee and simultaneously the newest member of the team, is a wine cellar owner with a hearty relationship to vineyards. It is obvious that in such a small team, each member carries out all types of work.