Pinot Gris 2011, Late harvest

The Pálava region provides an unique genius loci and it is very enriching as well as responsible to be a wine grower in this area. The careful handling with vineyards, respect and considerate attitude to the nature is a part of philosophy of Reisten winery.

Pinot Gris

An aromatic expression of this wine is very smooth, almost velvet with spicy scent of oranges and citrus peel. The nectar, slightly honey aroma is entwined with a mineral line. The extensive round taste with a spicy character is combined with the scent of nuts and discreet caramel tone. High level of sugar is properly completed with juicy, almost grapefruit acid.

region Morava
subregion Mikulovská
village Pavlov
wine route U Božích muk
year 2011
attributeLate harvest
sugar 18,9 g/l
acid 7,2 g/l
alcohol 12 %
batch 01/11
volume 0,75 l
250 Kč vč. DPH