Pinot Blanc 2011, Late harvest

Many years of experience have taught us how to work only with varieties, which enable to use the specific character of present vineyards the best and transfer it into the wine. The greatest care in the whole vegetation circle of grapevine, from January till the autumn harvest, is taken for granted

Pinot Blanc

The intensive as well as airy mineral scent, sweet nectar with tones of white blossoms. The gentle herbal character is completed with an aroma of red orange. The round slightly mineral taste is extensive with its fruity sweet taste, which is nicely completed with a juicy acid. The long aftertaste is of the character of grapefruit print. 

region Morava
subregion Mikulovská
village Pavlov
wine route U Božích muk
year 2011
attributeLate harvest
sugar 21,9 g/l
acid 7,2 g/l
alcohol 13 %
batch 02/11
volume 0,75 l
230 Kč vč. DPH