Sauvignon Blanc 2011, Late harvest

The winery owns nearly 30 hectares of special vineyards in three wine villages: Pavlov, Mikulov and Sedlec. Our wines are regularly compared to the best wines in the world.

Sauvignon Blanc

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The pale yellow-green colour with the reflection of white gold. The scent is expressive, energetic and sharp. Evident is the presence of dead nettle by the dusty road and tones of goosefoot. The composition is completed with the blossom of black elder.The taste is surprisingly fruity, you can feel the gooseberry jam, the aftertaste of crushed herbs and green pepper. The best choice to this wine is goat cheese of cottage kind, salmon served with leaf spinach or asparagus.  

region Morava
subregion Mikulovská
village Sedlec
wine route Nad Nesytem
year 2011
attributeLate harvest
sugar 6,4 g/l
acid 7,5 g/l
alcohol 13 %
batch 09/11
volume 0,75 l
230 Kč vč. DPH