Pinot Blanc 2006, Late harvest

The unique atmosphere of Pálava region, which combines work and steps of our ancestors with the heat and the ease of the sun reflecting on the white rocks and coincidently going down to the grapevine, creates and individual, almost Mediterranean character of the wine.

Pinot Blanc

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An intensive scent of orange and candied fruit with honey touch goes into the many-layered taste with a very pleasant rate of sugar and acid, which shows a good aging of grapes. The aftertaste is massive, distinctively spicy, wide and mineral. It is recommended to grilled or smoked poultry and pork, as well as to spicy cream sauces.

region Morava
subregion Mikulovská
village Mikulov
wine route Valtická
year 2006
attributeLate harvest
sugar 8,8 g/l
acid 6,5 g/l
alcohol 13 %
batch 04/06
volume 0,75 l
150 Kč vč. DPH