Chardonnay 2011, Late harvest

The unique atmosphere of Pálava region, which combines work and steps of our ancestors with heat and ease of the sun reflecting on the white rocks and coincidently going down to the grapevine, creates and individual, almost Mediterranean character of the wine.


Deeply greenish-yellow colour, arousing the canary melon or lime blossom brings us to the wide but fresh scent. There is an appearance of exotic fruit, mostly dried banana in the magic combination with a distinctive touch of kiwi and the perspective of presence of hazelnut. The taste is refreshing, quite spicy with the pleasant mineral presence. The ideal harmony of residual sugar and acids predestines this wine to the wide usage in gastronomy. Serve to the distinctive preparations of meat such as chicken or turkey, pasta with cream sauce and hard sheep cheese. 

region Morava
subregion Mikulovská
village Sedlec
wine route Nad Nesytem
year 2011
attributeLate harvest
sugar 2,7 g/l
acid 7,8 g/l
alcohol 12,5 %
batch 12/11
volume 0,75 l
230 Kč vč. DPH