The Pálava region provides an unique genius loci and it is very enriching as well as responsible to be a wine grower in this area. The careful handling with vineyards, respect and considerate attitude to the nature is a part of philosophy of Reisten winery.

02. 02. 2013

February weekends in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Prague are devoted to the wines from our winery

Every Saturday and Sunday, always from 12 o´clock in Mandarin Hotel the unique combination of first-class gastronomy with first-class wines from Reisten will be held. The price of menu is 1250CZK. You can taste at least with your own eyes below mentioned menu.


Croquets from veal head with cauliflower and hollandaise sauce, Riesling Classic 2011

Smoked eel with Jewish mashed potatoes and quail egg, Chardonnay Classic 2011


Bouillon soup from oxtail with meat pasty and cabbage roll, Pinot Gris 2008

Fricasseed chicken soup, Chardonnay 2008 OAK

Main courses

Sturgeon with horseradish sauce, spinach and potatoes with chopped parsley, Riesling 2009 Maidenburg

Stewed beef brisket, Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes, Pinot Blanc 2007 Maidenburg


Almond dumpling with plums, poppy and vanilla sauce with rum, Rotesmantel 2008

Pancakes with curd cheese and blueberries, Gewürtztraminer 2011 Maidenburg

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